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Pulse Percussion Trio consists of Tim & Tom Ouderits and Evert Van Eynde.

Pulse Percussion Trio have won international chamber music contests in the Netherlands and Italy and have performed on a number of Flemish and Dutch radio stations. They have played numerous concerts in different countries inside and outside of Europe.

Rhythmosis is the smashing percussion performance of Pulse Percussion Trio. Three incredible rhythmists join forces in a unique and creative stage act.

Rhythmosis is jam-packed with groove, classical influences, swing and lyrics.  The three players use their whole body to communicate. A real spectacle with many different aspects, subtly balanced.
Rhythmosis is the result of seven years of musical development.

‘Pulse Percussion Trio have set the world on fire with their own and international repertoire for percussion.’
Wim Mertens, composer

‘Pulse Percussion Trio’s music is tight, up tempo, filled with character, sharpness and eagerness. This trio heralds a new generation of top performers.’
Luc Van Hove, composer

‘Pulse Percussion Trio brings music that swings in the most thrilling and exhilarating way. A well-oiled machine. Go and see the spectacle!’
Aram Van Ballaert, Novastar, Clement Peerens

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